Khmer Explorer Travel Backpack Set
Khmer Explorer Travel Set
Khmer Explorer Travel Backpack Rear View
Khmer Explorer Rear View
Khmer Explorer Travel Set
Khmer Explorer Travel Set
Khmer Explorer Travel Set
Khmer Explorer Travel Set
Khmer Explorer Travel Set
Khmer Explorer Travel Set
Khmer Explorer Travel Set

Khmer Explorer Travel Set

Regular price $399.00 CAD

From the beaches of Thailand to the Peruvian Andes, the Khmer Explorer Travel Set has been designed to meet the demands of any adventure.

How it's different than your standard travel pack:

Open-flat design - 2 massive lay flat compartments eliminate the pain of digging for your gear. 

Premium Ergonomic Features - The premium suspension system has been designed for optimum comfort and easily adjusts to fit all shapes and sizes.

Seamless Organization -  The Integrated Packing System allows you to separate your wet and soiled gear keeping you organized on the road.

Size Meets Style- 60L of capacity allows you to carry all the gear you need wherever you go without looking like you set out to climb Everest.

How your purchase impacts education:

Every Khmer Explorer helps a child in Cambodia go to school. We embroider the left strap of your backpack with the name of the child it helped provide an education to. Your backpack, like its impact, is completely unique.

We offer free standard shipping (10-14 business days) to Canada and the United States on the Khmer Explorer!

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What if this relationship doesn't work out?

We're sure you'll love your Khmer Explorer but if for any reason you don't, we're happy to take it back (in original condition). If it's not everything you dreamed of and more, we'll provide you with a full refund within 30 days of the original shipping date.

Free return shipping is available to Canadian customers. Unfortunately, complimentary return shipping is not yet available in the US.

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Backpack Patch Khmer Name

Uniquely Individual.

Every Khmer Explorer supports the education of a deserving Cambodian child. The name of the individual child supported is elegantly embroidered on the heart (left) strap in the Khmer script of Cambodia. You may meet other travellers with a Khmer Explorer, but your backpack and impact is uniquely yours.

Seamless Organization.

From a one week yoga retreat in Bali to a two year odyssey around the globe, the Khmer Explorer has been designed to optimize how you carry your gear. A three-piece removable packing system integrates seamlessly into the spacious back compartment, helping organization come naturally to even the least organized traveller.

Seamless Organization
Integrated Packing Cubes

Two Integrated Packing Cubes.

Perfect for organizing socks, shorts or shirts, these packing cubes are designed to fit perfectly into the back compartment of your Khmer Explorer.

Easy-Clean Dirty Laundry/Shoe Bag.

Keep dirty clothes, muddy hiking boots and wet swim gear away from the rest of your luggage using this easy to clean bag.

Dirty Laundry Bag
Environmental resilience

Environmental Resilience.

The Khmer Explorer's twice coated PU 500D Kodra Nylon exterior is fully weatherproof and built to keep your belongings dry no matter what the unpredictable world of travel throws at you.


Lockable YKK Zippers.

Keep thieves out and your gear safely stowed away with lockable zippers on both of the Khmer Explorer's main compartments.

Lockable YKK Zippers on the Khmer Explorer
The Khmer Explorer Opens Flat

Open Flat, Easy-Access Design.

Access all of your gear easily and efficiently through two huge, flat-lying compartments. Say goodbye to digging through layers of gear in a cumbersome top load backpack.

Easy-Access Front Compartment.

Provides a perfect home for items you need quick and easy access to when moving from airport to hotel, or from hostel to bus station.

Easy Access Front Compartment
Mesh Separators

Mesh Separators With Built-In Pockets.

Provides optimal storage space and flexibility for electronic devices, cords or clothing.

Secret Interior Compartment.

Allows you to stash your valuables where they can't easily be spotted. Perfect for keeping important items tucked away in rooms without safes or lockers.

Secret Interior Backpack Compartment
hip belt pocket

Hip Belt Pocket.

To keep your phone or cash nearby when moving through busy markets, streets or train stations.

Ergonomic Features.

The Khmer Explorer doesn't look like a hiking backpack, but it can certainly carry loads like one. A fully adjustable suspension system allows you to adjust the size of the bag to fit your torso. Plus a built-in aluminum frame system and a concealable hip belt take up to 80% of the weight off your shoulders. This allows you to focus on exploring your new destination, not the pain of an aching back or strained neck.


Four Adjustable Compression Straps.

Bring heavy loads closer to your back, making carrying lots of gear that much easier. The Khmer Explorer's compression straps also provide a convenient place to attach a tripod, yoga mat or carabiners.

Travel Mode.

Checking your Khmer Explorer at the airport is a breeze. Simply remove the shoulder straps, tuck them away in the back zip compartment, and slide the hip belt straps into the integrated pouch. No more anxiety over straps catching in luggage carousels.

upright standing backpack travel mode
easy clean backpack bottom

Easy-Clean Bottom.

Even the dirtiest floors are no match for the Khmer Explorer's easy clean and durable tarpaulin bottom.


DWR 500D Kodra Nylon

Tarpaulin (Base and Laundry Bag)


26" L x 13 1/2 W " x 10 1/2" D

66 cm L x 34 cm W x 26.5 cm D

Packing Cube Dimensions:

10 1/2" L X 6 1/4" W X 4" D

26.5 cm L x 15.8 cm W x 10 cm D

Interior Frame:

Aluminum Frame with Plastic Frame Sheet

Front Compartment Dimensions:  

24" L x 13 1/2 W x 4 1/2"D

61 cm L x 34 cm W x 11.4"D

Laundry/Shoe Bag Dimensions:

15" L x 12 1/2" W x 4" D

38 cm L x 31.75 cm x 10 cm D


15.85 gal / 60 L


5.95 lb / 2.7 kg

Rear Compartment Dimensions:

26" L X 13 1/2 W X 6"D

66 cm L x 34cm W x 15 cm D

Front Accessory Pocket Dimensions:

9" L X 7 1/2 W'

23 cm L x 19 cm W

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Backpack elegance

I have been a traveller for many decades and am always looking for the best luggage for the job. As a result, I have a broad selection, but there are places to go that are not served by my beautiful roller bags, and for that reason, a new pack was in order. I am a firm believer in packing cubes, so when the pack came with cubes designed to fit, I was interested. And then I hate top loading packs - the need to explode every time I need a single item, so another bonus for the Khmer. And then the fabric - it looks grown up. I feel like I could stop off at a business meeting while travelling and look professional. Thanks for the great design. And the fantastic customer service. My pack arrived without the packing cubes and Michael had them to me in a day.

Thanks for the review Geraldine. I'm happy to hear that the Khmer Explorer has eliminated the dreaded top-load explosion and kept you organized and looking professional during your travels. I only hope your beautiful roller suitcases aren't getting too jealous of all the time you've been spending with your new pack. :) -Michael
Organized Backpacking

I have been really happy with the Khmer Explorer backpack. After 4 years of traveling around Latin America I have found a way to keep my things organized. I tend to use the inner black bag to keep my cooler weather hiking things separate from the rest of my bag when I am at the beach and vice versa. Organised backpacking helps you save time and money by ensuring your not missing anything.

Thanks again

Thanks for the review Kyle! Glad to hear after 4 years you've been able to find some backpack bliss. After years of losing things and being forced to find replacements on the fly, we can definitely relate to the perks of staying organized on the road. Happy travels!
Khmer Explorer Travel Set

Awesome backpack! Took a while to get the hang of all the different compartments, but now that I have, I love it! It's so handy having separate areas to store everything. So much room and super durable!

Thanks for the review Kimberly! We're glad you've gotten the hang of your Explorer, there are definitely one or two compartments to choose from ;)

Khmer Explorer Travel Set

Thanks for the review Becky. We're happy you're loving your Explorer!
Exploring with the Banana has been amazing so far!

I was lucky enough to preorder my back so I would get it before starting out on my year of travel. It was the only backpack I wanted to take because I am notoriously bad at packing and knew a top loading backpack would cause major airport incidents... such as, needing to search for the juice box I squished in my bag at airport security (happened in Ecuador), or trying desperately not to disturb the other 7 people in my hostel room as I search for my retainers late at night. The clam-shell features of this bag has already made packing so much easier. I have unzipped the bag from the side to reach for an item tucked away at the very bottom of the pack numerous times already. You also look pretty magical when you can whip out your Moroccan oil at the last minute before heading out the door.
There are other features which I would like to point out now... It has already been on 13 planes rides and countless bus/train rides in Europe and surprisingly it doesn't look dirty or beat up at all.
When riding on trains where pickpockets may be I feel very safe with the Banana. Because it does tend to pack more outwards than up, you can produce lots of force with it when you twist your body. This deters a few people from getting to close which is kinda nice. Also, when packed with nothing hanging off of it it is really slick looking. You can also hide the zipper pulls under a strap on the side for extra security so it's harder to get into.
It is great for backpacking in Europe (done Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Spain and Portugal). I did do the West Coast Trail in BC Canada with it as well. A tough 6 day hike where you have to pack your own tent and food. It worked good, but would recommend making sure you do not have to carry too much weight as it can get a little heavy on the shoulders. Tested its water resistance though and it passed :)
Also, the packing cubes it comes with are great. Makes organization much easier.
Finally, it looks so stylish. Turning many heads with it ...

Thanks for the review Sarah! We're thrilled to hear you've put your pack to such great use already. We hope you continue to enjoy travelling the world with it and turning heads along the way. :)