About Us

Helping you explore & leave a positive impact

Your Unique Impact

Every pack supports critical education programs for students in the developing world, like ពិសី (Pi sei) in Cambodia.

Your Unique Backpack

That's why the left strap of your pack is embroidered with the name of a student who your purchase helped go to school.

A Better World

One backpack at a time we can help improve the state of global education, helping break the poverty cycle, improve environmental awareness, and increase gender equality.

Our Mission

From backyard adventures to round the world trips, we help the everyday adventurer and changemaker leave a positive impact on the world and become the explorer they were born to be.

Why focus on education?

Education is a foundation of sustainable development. Beyond improving quality of life, access to education helps provide the tools required to develop innovative solutions to the earth's biggest problems.

Improving the state of education helps:

Break the Poverty Cycle.

Increase Gender Equality.

Increase Environmental Awareness.

Create a Better World For Us All.