The Banana Backpacks Team.

These two children. Now in full size form.

Hi there! Our names are Anika and Michael Funk and we're the brother and sister team behind Banana Backpacks. We founded Banana Backpacks with the goal of building awesome products that make a difference in people's lives: both those who use our gear and those whose educations are supported by it. We were privileged to have adventurous parents who dragged us around the world as children, exposing us to countless inspiring people, remarkable cultures, and life-changing moments of human kindness. These adventures, our own travels, and our different life experiences provided us with a global education that inspired us to create Banana Backpacks together.


Backpacker One [B1]
Lives In: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Life Before BB: 
A mix of human rights and consulting.
Spirit Animal:


Backpacker Two [B2]
Lives In: Vancouver, Canada
Life Before BB: 
A mix of finance and economics.
Spirit Animal:
Spider Monkey