The Exploration Guarantee.

We are proud to stand behind our backpacks with a lifetime guarantee.

We use the highest quality materials including YKK zippers and Kodra 500D nylon fabric, reinforce and double stitch vital load-bearing areas, work with only the best manufacturers in the world, and follow rigorous quality control processes to ensure our backpacks are built to last.

We pride ourselves on perfection and building gear that will take you around the world and back without failure. Unfortunately, backpacks are made by humans and from time to time, mistakes can happen. If you believe your gear is defective please contact us and we'll arrange for a replacement or organize a repair.

Damage resulting from tigers or monkeys (or other accidents), frustration over a missed bus (or other abuse), squeezing 100L into your 60L bag and forcing sand-clogged zippers closed (or other negligence), or pilling of fabric/discolouration over an extended period of time (or other normal wear and tear) are not considered to be factory defects. If you're unsure of whether or not something may be covered, contact us, we're happy to clarify and help you find a solution.  

If there is a problem, let us know and will do everything in our power to help you find a solution to make it right and get your gear back to being exploration-ready as soon as possible.