One Backpack. Unlimited Adventure.

How Kiri works

Choose a Kiri Kit designed for your adventure. From a day at the beach, to a hike in the mountains, weekend getaway or your daily grind there's a kit for every adventure!
Use the Magnetic Buckle System to effortlessly insert your Kiri Kit inside your Kiri backpack.
Get to adventuring and swap out Kiri Kits as needed.

Improving education. One Kiri at a time.

How every Kiri supports education

The left strap of your Kiri is embroidered with the name of a student in Cambodia.
Your purchase provides this student with school supplies for a year.
In Cambodia, the cost of school supplies prevents many families facing extreme poverty from sending their children to school.
Your purchase eases this burden, helps a child achieve their full potential and creates a better world for us all.

Customize your Kiri

Choose an adventure bundle or build your own

Adventures Bundles

Save on these pre-built adventure bundles

Build your own bundle

Start with Kiri. Then add your Kits.