How the Khmer Explorer Supports Education

Where we work

We work with a local NGO to support children's education in Cambodia. Cambodia is one of the world's poorest countries, with the majority of the population employed in subsistence agriculture (growing enough food to feed themselves and their families). These levels of extreme poverty force many children to quit school to work and help their families survive.

Travel Backpacks Supporting Education in Cambodia

Why we support education.

As one of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, quality education is critical to breaking the cycle of poverty and reducing gender inequalities. It empowers people to live more sustainable lives, fosters tolerance between people, and contributes to building more peaceful societies.

How your purchase changes a child's life.

Every Khmer Explorer Travel Set provides two meals a day for a child at school for one year. This encourages families to register and send their children to school, and discourages them from dropping out. Through addressing the immediate need for food, your Khmer Explorer changes a child's future by helping that child get an education. That's why every backpack we sell is embroidered with the name of the child supported in the characters of Cambodia: the Khmer script.