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Organic Cotton Water Tee

Coordinates to Clean Water.

Each batch of shirts we design features the Cambodian word for water in the Khmer script, ទឹក, and a unique set of GPS coordinates. The coordinates point to the location of a bio-sand clean water filtration system that was made possible by the sale of this product.

Premium Organic Cotton.

Organic cotton is grown using methods that have a low impact on the environment, without the use of toxic chemicals. Aside from numerous environmental benefits and an extraordinarily soft feel, this process keeps cotton farmers and their families safe. They are not exposed to toxic chemicals in the field or via contamination of their food and water supply.

Organic Cotton Water Tee Banana Backpacks Materials
Water Tee by Banana Backpacks

Small Batch Production.

Our first batch, exclusive to our launch, is limited to 150 shirts.

Crafted in Bali, Indonesia.

Our manufacturing partner has been a family friend for years and with 32 employees, this intimate group feels more like a family than coworkers. From safe working conditions to employee trips several times a year, this tee is ethically produced from the start.

Water Tee built in Bali