Frequently Asked Questions.

Unfortunately we are only able to offer shipping to Canada and the United States at this time through our website. We are able to arrange special shipping on a case-by-case basis directly. Please contact us for more details.
At this time we have extremely limited supply, and as such do not typically allocate units for review/social media etc. However, we love to meet talented individuals in the travel community who care about making the world a better place. If this is you, contact us and we’ll make sure to add you to our list for future consideration.
Cambodia is an incredibly unique and special country. Despite suffering a recent genocide that took the lives of over a quarter of the country’s citizens, the Khmer people leave a lasting impression on all travellers who venture to this amazing nation with their warmth, kindness, and glowing smiles. Ultimately, it is our goal to extend our social impact across multiple countries, with unique projects for each cause. To start with we felt a focused approach on Cambodia would be the best way of ensuring we were capable of starting small and thinking big!