The Factories.

Responsibility Starts at the Factory Level.

Better gear for a better world isn't limited to the direct social impact integrated into every Banana Backpacks product. To create truly responsible gear we ensure that a positive global impact is created at every level of our supply chain. That means fair wages for workers, high-quality working conditions, and manufacturers that share our belief in creating better gear for a better world. You'll never see us throw a label or logo on a product that we don't know the origin of, or has been made by someone else and push it out to you for the sake of convenience. If it's made by Banana Backpacks, we have been to the factory (big or small) and met the people who sew the seams to bring you gear you can be proud of, every step of the way.

Here's where our gear is made and who makes it:


The Khmer Explorer Factory


The Tee Factory