Improving Education in Cambodia.

The Khmer Explorer Travel Set provides a child in Cambodia with 2 meals a day at school for a year. Click through the details below to learn why school meals are critical to improving education.
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From 1975-79 the Southeast Asian country of Cambodia faced a genocide that took the lives of over 1,700,000 people, including 80% of teachers. In recent years, a growing economy and increasing tourism have brought hope of a brighter future. Unfortunately Cambodia remains one of the world's poorest countries, with the majority of the population employed in subsistence agriculture (growing enough food to feed themselves and their families). As a result, enormous roadblocks remain to ensuring every child has access to even basic education.

Earning less than 1 U.S. dollar a day, many families are forced to choose between sending children to school and having enough food to eat. Although education is provided by the government, extreme poverty forces many children to quit school to work and help their families survive. These difficulties result in a dropout rate of over 50% from primary school to secondary school.

With the help of our partner, Caring for Cambodia, every Khmer Explorer Travel Set provides two meals a day for a child at school for one year. By providing two meals a day, families are encouraged to register, send their children to school, and discourage them from dropping out. Through addressing the immediate need for food, your contribution helps a child go to and stay in school. The result is a better future for a child and a travel backpack that is uniquely your own.

By purchasing a Khmer Explorer Travel Set, you have provided a better future for a child in Cambodia. That's why the heart (left) strap of every pack is uniquely embroidered in the Khmer script of the country with the name of the child supported. Your pack, like your impact is truly unique.

Banana Backpacks Supports Education
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Girls eating meals at school
Children at School
Every Travel Backpack provides 2 meals a day for a year
Children Link up for School
Cambodian Children Receive 2 Meals a Day for a year with Every Travel Backpack